allow me to introduce myself

IMG_0019hey y’all!

i’m chelsea!

i’m also the bakery lady.

props to my partner’s grandma for the adorable nickname: when we first started dating she would always ask him, “how’s your bakery lady?”… and thus the nickname was born. now she often refers to me as tracy, but she’s 92 and a sweetheart, so let’s cut her some slack.

i’ve been meaning to start a blog for… uhm…. the past six years. eek. procrastination much?!?! well, yes and no. mostly i’ve been a big scared baby about putting myself and my thoughts and my recipes all over the interwebs for the whole world to see!  (and yes, I refer to the internet as the interwebs…. and it drives my partner crazy)

so here goes nothing…. but like really, everything.

first things first, i am obsessed with my dog buck . don’t get me wrong, this is a blog about food (my second greatest obsession) and travel (my third), (my partner jeff falls somewhere in between buck and food) but i want to warn everyone up front, there will be mentionvand adorable pictures of my best friend in the whole world, even if i have to throw some cupcakes in there to make it about food. he’s the best, and the handsomest.

this is buck. isn’t he the handsomest?

so in order. buck. jeff. food, travel, social & political activism all tied in third place …..everything else. got it? great!

now back to our regularly scheduled programming…. FOOD. i love it, i can’t get enough of it. i literally only workout so that I can eat more food. run six miles and so i can eat a few doughnuts? YEPPPPPP.


sweet, sour, savory, spicy, gimme gimme gimme…. but only a little spicy please!

i’m a self-taught baker and cook who’s been working in the food industry for over a decade now. i started teaching myself to cook and bake after i moved to the middle of nowhere in upstate new york. there wasn’t always a whole lot going on… but there were like eight farms within 10 miles of my apartment.

i’ve been a barista. a busier. a food runner. a hostess. a bartender. a bar back. a server. a dishwasher. a part time photographer. i’ve faked some sommelier knowledge with the best of them. right now i work as a pastry chef and server in an awesome little joint and have my own baking business on the side. oh and of course, i’m a full time dog mom.

it’s all pretty swell. most of my posts will include recipes, some just mindless rantings of 2am. in this one i’m just saying hey.


the bakery lady

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